Adams County

Adams County

Summer Experience Day Camp

This is a day program for youth that have severe emotional or behavioral issues, youth justice referrals, or youth with a disability that impacts their ability to regulate behaviors and emotions. Funds would be used to cover the costs of activities that other funding sources can’t pay for. This may include busing for youth to attend a baseball game, go fishing, or another physical activity. These opportunities are typically activities that the youth normally wouldn’t have exposure to.

Independent Living Group

This is a newly created group that is being developed to assist individuals with chronic mental illness learn about daily living skills. The group may cover activities like cooking skills, budgeting, crafts, etc. The funds would only be used when another funding source wasn’t available.

Sober Living

Funds may be used to assist with start up housing costs (i.e. a portion of a security deposit or limited rental assistance to prevent displacement when no other funding resource is available. These funds may also assist with transportation costs on an as needed basis to prevent job loss.

Contact Kelly Oleson at the Adams County Department of Health and Human Services to see if you qualify for assistance. Kelly’s preferred way of contact is through email: or 608-339-4505