Green Lake County

Green Lake County

Summer Youth Program

Green Lake County Department of Health & Human Services Summer Youth Group for low-to-medium risk youthful offenders is designed to assist them in their overall life functioning and well-being. Facilitators work to reduce negative behaviors/needs and enhance interpersonal skill development as well as address other conditions. The youth will participate in a number of activities including Equine Therapy. Outcomes include improved emotional growth and learning and development of good decision making skills; displaying a positive attitude and accepting personal responsibility for actions; identifying and expressing feelings appropriately and developing positive peer relationships.

Emergency Assistance Funds

In Green Lake County, these funds are utilized to assist those in a financial crisis meet needs that impact their health, safety or well-being. Funds are distributed as a one-time gift and recipients are also given information on other resources available to them to promote independence.

Contact the Green Lake County Department of Health and Human Services at 920-294-4070 and ask for Jason Jerome to see if you qualify for assistance.